The law

video pokerIt is essential to know the laws of the country, state, province and domicillium that you live in. Several states and countries have banned Online Casino play from their shores and borders.

Shop around there are 700 or more top Online Casinos out there. You should know the Online Casino industry out there. The questions you have to ask are, are they reputable, and are they secure? Are they honest? Are they audited and are their payments fast. You should know where the Casino are licensed. Also try to find out who the operators are. Usually the terms and conditions and info pages give you an indication of these factors for Online Casino.

Look for ratings. There are developed ratings for online casinos out there. Look for them, most honest Internet Casinos, Real Money Casinos, Best Online Casino, Fastest Payments Internet Casino etc.

Customer Support:

Look for Internet Casino customer support. The good  Casino have 24/7 customer support lines. These Internet Casinos also have major areas covered with toll free lines. Test the online casinos customer support out. Ask them hard questions, send the casino an email with a question. Make sure the Online Casino has unique email addresses for all sub sections. i.e. Internet Casino finance, Internet Casino technical support, Internet Casino general enquires. Also see if they cover your languages.

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Payment methods:

Check what payment methods the online casino has to offer. Neteller, PayPal, Ups Fedex etc are the common ones for internet casinos. Check the timeframes that they have. Look at the deposit and the withdrawal options that the internet casinos have. Internet casinos should not charge for withdrawals made.

Security on Internet Casino’s:

online game operatorsOnline casinos should ideally be https: 128 bit encrypted. This means that you have adequate protection for your online casino credit card. Cookies set should be for a limited time. Internet Casino websites should not have spyware Active X scripts installed. Casino’s should have a decent e-mail protection policy which says that the Internet Casino does not share you e-mail with any third party.

Vegas Odds on your Internet Casino’s:

Most of the top Online Casino’s operators like Microgaming, Boss media, Playtech have their odds audited by Price Waterhouse Cooper. This should be fine. My advice would be to use these internet casinos only as they have brand recognition and recourse.

Okay so now you are reasonably informed on what internet casinos should require and what you should look for. Some of the other sections of our site should cover the other factors for internet casinos like bonuses, promotions, VIP offers and games suites.

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